To opt-in YouTube (Google Menu)

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 8:55am

To opt-in to YouTube 

A parent or guardian must provide consent for each student by logging in in to hcpss connect. Select each of your child's names at the top of the page. 

Log in to

In the left navigation menu, click MORE OPTIONS.
In the main part of the screen, scroll down to HCPSS GOOGLE MENU (items are not in alphabetical order).
A new window will appear. Halfway down, there is a small box. Click on the box. A check mark will appear. This check mark means you are permitting your child to access YouTube on their HCPSS device.
The check mark will automatically save. You do not need to do anything else. Sign out of HCPSS Connect.

YouTube for grades 6-12 is an additional service or authorized Supplementary Digital Tool, may show non-targeted ads to your child,  and may use collected information to provide, maintain, and develop new Additional Services. To view the terms of service for these Additional Services, please visit: To read Google’s answers to frequently asked questions about student data privacy and security, please visit:
Note: If consent is not provided, students can still watch embedded YouTube videos embedded in teacher resources on Canvas. Your consent is only for direct access to YouTube’s website. After a parent/guardian provides consent: There may be a delay of up to three days before the apps appear in the Google menu. Some tools may automatically appear on the Chromebook once a parent or guardian consents without needing to install them.