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School Overview

DMS Vision and Mission and Values

Vision: The Dunloggin Middle School Vision is to inspire, empower, and prepare students to be successful in all life endeavors in a global community.

Mission: The Dunloggin Middle School Mission is to create an environment in which students, staff, and community are dedicated to fostering a diverse, engaging, rigorous, and nurturing global learning community that promotes success. DMS empowers all individuals to maximize their potential, take ownership of their learning, and develop an academic and civic foundation for success throughout life.

DMS Values Statements

D-Dedication We Believe: In promoting the growth of all individuals within a diverse, challenging, and global learning environment. In communicating so that all community members feel accepted and respected as individuals by encouraging open and honest exchange. In fostering a community where every individual has the right to learn.

M-Motivation We Believe: In collaborating with staff and family to ensure the successful motivation of students. In creating a learning environment where all members are actively engaged. In empowering students to take ownership of their education. In inspiring families and the community to be invested members of student growth.

S - Scholarship We Believe: In engaging all students and staff in a partnership that will challenge individuals through rigor and determination in order to enhance knowledge and understanding. In challenging all students in a safe and nurturing environment. 
In partnering with the community to develop a foundation for student success throughout life.

School History

Before the school was built in 1973, it was a dairy farm. It was owned by Joseph Natwick. It was located on the former estate of Governor Thomas Watkins Ligon. Joseph Natwick gave the farm its distinctive name because he was planning to retire from the lumber business and he was "done logging." He did not carry out that resolve, but the farm's name stuck.

Joseph Natwick had two daughters, Mary and Mildred Natwick. Mildred was a character actress and has starred in many movies. Some of her noteworthy movies were: Dangerous Liaisons, The Trouble with Harry, and Barefoot in the Park . She also starred with Helen Hayes in the TV series, The Snoop Sisters.

This is the only "original" building still standing in Dunloggin. It was a part of a structure that was on the farm when Joseph Natwick first purchased the property.

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Board of Education Representative

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DMS BOE Representative: Dr. Yun Lu