Tardy to School

Fri, 09/30/2016 - 1:01pm

Consistent school attendance is an essential component of academic success.  As a school, we are aware that occasionally students must miss a part of the school day due to illness, medical or dental appointments, or family matters.

Dunloggin’s unexcused tardy policy is as follows:
*Late to school 5 days in a quarter = lunch detention
*Late to school 8 days in a quarter = one after-school detention
*Late to school 10 days in a quarter – loss of privilege to participate in the quarterly reward activity.

If your child will be late to school, there are two ways to let us know.  You may accompany the child into the school and sign them in with an explanation, or you my send your child in with a brief note explaining the reason.  All notes should be sent to the Main Office.  If you have concerns or need assistance, please contact your child’s counselor at 410-313-2834.