DMS School Supply List

Tue, 05/18/2021 - 1:53pm



Please note, this is a suggested list by grade. Each teacher will identify the specific needs for their class on the first day of school. It is recommended parents wait to purchase items until they receive this information from their child in the fall. We are able to support families in financial need. Please contact your child's counselor to request assistance with school supplies.

ITEM 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
3-Ring Binder (1”) (poly or other)
  4 3 4
Loose Leaf Paper (Regular and/or College Ruled)
  constant supply constant supply constant supply
8-pack Dividers
  1 1 1
1-Subject Spiral Notebook
  0 0 0
5-Subject Spiral Notebook
  0 2 2
Marble Composition Books
  2 1 2
Pocket Folders
  2 2 2
Black or Blue Pens
  constant supply constant supply constant supply
#2 Pencils
  constant supply constant supply constant supply
Small Pencil Sharpener  
  1 0 0
Red Pen
  1 per quarter 1 per quarter 1 per quarter
  2 2 2
Zippered Pencil Pouch or Supply Box
  1 (pencil pouch) 1 1
Glue Stick
  constant supply constant supply constant supply
  1 0 0
  1 1 0
Colored Pencils (12 pack)
  1 1 1
3 x 5 Index Cards – 100/pk
  1 1 1
3 x 3 Sticky Notes – 100/pk
  1 1 1
Related Arts Supplies
  Sketchbook (8x10) (Art)) 0 0 0
  Colored Markers (8 pack) (Art) 0 0

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition or CE (handheld) graphing calculator will be used in Howard County mathematics courses beginning with Algebra 1 and extending through the end of the mathematics course sequence. Although students will be provided with a graphing calculator for use in school, and have the ability to borrow one for out-of-school use, students may opt to have their own personal handheld graphing calculator. Students who go on to take mathematics courses in college will often be able to use the same calculator for college coursework.


DMS School Supply List 2021-22